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Centrifugal Casting Glossary

Centrifugal Casting Glossary: A collection of centrifugal casting terminology. Due to the technical nature of centrifugal casting, numerous specific terms are used to describe its aspects precisely.

I.A.W. (In Accordance With): Commonly used in specifications, this indicates compliance with certain standards, such as Gould’s 1213 spec.

FM/FM (Finished Machined) and RM/RM (Rough Machined): These terms describe the type of finish a part receives after machining.

RMS (Root Mean Squared): A statistical measure used to define the surface finish quality of a part.

AC/A/C (As Cast): Describes a part that is left with the surface finish it had upon removal from the mold without any post-casting machining.

TFA/TFT (To Finish At, To Finish To): Specifies the final dimensions that a part should reach after processing.

RFQ (Request For Quote): Indicates a customer’s request for a price quote for specific parts.

UOM (Unit of Measure), LN (Length), QTY (Quantity): Terms used to specify the dimensions and quantities in engineering and production.

REF (Reference), PC/PCS (Piece): Used for tracking and inventory purposes, referring to individual parts or castings.

PO (Purchase Order): A document confirming a purchase, detailing the products or services ordered.

TOLR (Tolerance): The permissible limit or variation in dimensions that a part can have.

BHN (Brinell Hardness Number): A scale indicating the hardness level of materials.

UNS (Unified Numbering System): Identifies the chemical compositions of metals.

AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), SFSA (Steel Foundry Society of America): Various organizations involved in setting industrial standards.

FOB (Free On Board): Indicates that the buyer assumes responsibility for delivery costs and risks once the product is shipped.

SS (Stainless Steel): A type of steel known for its corrosion resistance, used in making durable castings.

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