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At Delta Centrifugal®, our high quality centrifugal castings are applied for multiple industries including aerospace, commercial marine, defense, oil & gas, food & pharmaceutical, power generation, bearings, and steel mills. From heat treating and cutting to machining and quality assurance, we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that our material suits the needs of your business. Below, we’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our process to help you discover more about the centrifugal casting production process.

Can you cast a centrifugal casting without an inside diameter?

No. The centrifugal casting production process involves feeding molten metal directly into the center of the product which creates an inside diameter where the oxides accumulate. The inside diameter or ID is a key and necessary component of this process, as the molten metal conforms to the inside diameter, it then becomes solid as it cools. Any impurities or lighter oxides travel to the inside diameter during the casting process and can then be removed once solidification occurs. This is achieved by machining the inside diameter. See a centrifugal foundry pour in action at Delta Centrifugal®.

What is the proper stock allowance for a centrifugal casting?

The stock allowance is relatively minimal on the outside diameter and its primary purpose is to allow for the removal of the roughness of the raw casting. The allowance of the inside diameter is greater to allow for machining to remove oxides and lighter impurities that occur during the casting process. Both allowances vary according to the size of the casting, the thickness of the wall, and the particular alloy that is being used for the end product. The foundry is able to best gauge the proper stock allowance when finished dimensions are given. Call 888-433-3100 to learn more about the process from a member of our team.

What is your lead time on a centrifugal casting?

Our lead times can vary based on backlogs as well as the specific job requirements. To produce as-cast, un-machined products, a lead time of approximately 4 weeks is typical under current conditions. If rough machining is required, another two weeks is added to the timeline, and a further additional week is added for less complicated finish machining. We can provide a more precise and accurate estimation of the timeline when we quote your project. If you have questions about your specific requirements or would like to submit a quote to receive detailed information about the timeline to create your product, email us at or call 888-433-3100 to speak with a member of our sales team.

What are your common mold lengths, and do I have to buy a full mold length?

Delta Centrifugal® has a large inventory of molds in varying lengths to allow for specific customer requirements. Our shortest molds are roughly 30 inches long, then jumping up to approximately 80 inches long, and then around 100 inches long at the top end. However, we also have larger diameter molds that have the ability to produce up to approximately 30 inches in diameter with lengths as long as 270 inches. You aren’t obligated to purchase a full mold length, however, the higher the quantity of a specific mold length you purchase, the less the price per inch becomes. For more questions, call 888-433-3100 or email us at

What are Delta’s machining capabilities?

Delta Centrifugal® has a well-equipped, in-house machine shop capable of completing products with both rough and finish machining. Our machine shop is equipped with three 5-axis Mori Machining Centers, nine 4-axis Okuma CNC lathes, three 2-axis B&O CNC lathes, seven Warner Turret Lathes, four Engine Lathes, four Boring Lathes, three Hones, two CNC Mills, three Lapping Tables, and two Water Jets. This impressive honing range enables us to supply any part finished honed and offers our customers ample flexibility. Learn more about our comprehensive CNC processing machine capabilities for the centrifugal casting production process.

Can Delta provide a specific hardness if required?

Our facility is equipped with six heat treat furnaces as well as various quenching methods that enable us to handle the proper heat treatment of alloys. For alloys with hardenability, a range of 50 Brinell points is considered specific. If not calling out a minimum or maximum hardness, the range needs to be specified (such as 350-400 BHN) and be within the capabilities of the alloy. Alloys that are high in carbon can be hardened and tempered, while those that contain less than the minimum quantity of carbon cannot as the crystalline structure of the alloy can’t be broken. As a result, the physical makeup of the alloy can’t be altered or hardened.

What grades of Monel does Delta produce?

Monel is a registered trademark owned by Special Metals Corporation (SMC) and refers to a grouping of alloys containing nickel, copper, iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon, where more than half of the composition is nickel. Delta Centrifugal® is not licensed by the SMC, however, we do produce all of the cast versions of nickel, copper, and silicon alloys under generic designations. In total, we produce over 200 different grades of alloys for customer projects. To determine whether we produce the grade your business needs view a list of metal casting materials and alloys that we commonly manufacture at our facility.

Why Choose Delta Centrifugal®?

Since our beginning in New Orleans in 1968, Delta Centrifugal® has been producing both stainless and high alloy centrifugal metal casting for customers around the world and has earned a positive reputation amongst small businesses and large corporations alike. Our experience with producing high-quality castings has enabled us to understand a multitude of applications and helped us refine our processes to meet the specific needs of our customers. We have over 350 molds in our inventory which provide ample capacity to produce castings in a variety of different sizes, and each casting is tailored to meet specific specifications. Whether you require cast, rough machined, or finish machined, Delta Centrifugal® can help. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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