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Defense & Military Casting Components


Defense & Military Casting

Delta Centrifugal’s expertise in defense and military centrifugal casting has gained the attention, respect and trust of the DLA and private defense contractors.  

Our experience, dedication to quality, and advanced defense and military casting techniques provide unbeatable performance and specification compliance in mission-critical military applications. Learn more about our capabilities in the defense industry or contact us for a consultation now. 

Centrifugal Casting for The Defense Industry

At Delta Centrifugal, we provide a variety of centrifugally cast components for the defense industry, particularly for marine and aerospace applications. We have worked directly with the Coast Guard, DLA, and United States Navy, as well as many defense prime contractors.

We offer high-quality sleeves, bushings, and flanges for propulsion, steering, and diving applications as well as many other centrifugally cast defense components. Applications as diverse as target acquisition components, missile defense components, and weapons elevator components have all tapped Delta’s expertise and problem-solving capacity. 

Defense & Military Casting Components

We can create parts from over 200 different alloys including:

No matter the job, Delta Centrifugal is up to the task thanks to our advanced equipment, skilled technicians, and deep expertise in centrifugal casting.

Why Choose Delta Centrifugal?

Delta Centrifugal is fully JCP and ITAR registered, and we hold the latest revisions of quality standards anchored by ISO 9001– demonstrating our ability to consistently meet and exceed the requirements of rightfully demanding military and prime contractor specifications.

Cobalt Bushings, Aluminum Bronze Sleeves

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If you work in the defense or military industry and require the help of experts in centrifugal casting to develop a new component or replacement component, Delta Centrifugal is here to help. Contact us online to learn more about our world-class foundry and machine shop. Our team is always standing by to assist clients in the defense industry.

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