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Steel Mills

The ever-increasing demand for steel mill products and the need for reliable, long-lasting rolls and processing equipment has turned domestic producer attention toward Delta Centrifugal. At Delta, steel mills and their supporting roll manufacturers have found that reliable, reasonably priced centrifugally cast components are available domestically.

Steel Mill Equipment

Steel mill parts must deliver in high efficiency, hard running equipment. Down time due to component failure is not an option. Delta Centrifugal delivers with durable, defect- free parts built to stand up to the task. We ensure that our steel mill equipment is manufactured with a focus on the users’ need for durability. Such products include:
  • Steel Mill Rolls: Steel mill rolls are subjected to high stresses as they guide and shape freshly solidified metal. Rolls are designed with a reliance on the roll manufacturer to provide the quality and durability required. Delta understands and exceeds these expectations reliably.
  • Sink Rolls, Furnace Rolls, Bushings, and Roll Trunnions: Steel mills of all sizes benefit from the homogeneous quality of our centrifugal casting products in applications such as roll trunnions, bushings, sleeves, and furnace rolls. Their durability and efficiency are second to none.
Steel Mill Roll Castings & Manufacturing | Sink Rolls, Bushings, & Sleeves
Steel Mill Roll Castings & Manufacturing | Sink Rolls, Bushings, & Sleeves

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