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The Centrifugal Casting Experts
The Centrifugal Casting Experts
The Centrifugal Casting Experts
Metal Casting Manufacturer The Centrifugal Casting Experts

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Centrifugal Casting Manufacturer

Delta Centrifugal® is a world-class centrifugal casting manufacturer, foundry and machine shop. Our employees are committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality. We strive to exceed your expectations with unrivaled customer service.

Centrifugal Casting and Machining over 200 Alloys

Certified for Quality

Delta Centrifugal® is ITAR registered and holds the latest revisions of ISO 9001 and PED 2014/68/EC certifications. These certifications demonstrate our ability to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements for centrifugal casting.  We aim to provide the best products and provide enhanced customer satisfaction using the consistent application of our quality system.

Centrifugal Casting Manufacturer

Delta Centrifugal® produces over 200 grades of Stainless steel, Nickel, Cobalt and Copper based alloys. Refer to our Alloy Reference Guide to see the specifications and properties of many of the alloys we produce in our centrifugal casting foundry in Temple, Texas.


For quick turnaround options, visit our sister company Texas Stainless.

Experienced Foundry Professionals

Delta Centrifugal®’s centrifugal casting professionals have the experience and training to understand your needs and the facilities to meet those needs. Original equipment manufacturers of all types rely on Delta Centrifugal® for their quality-crucial, centrifugally cast component requirements.  

Cast or Machined Metal Products

At Delta Centrifugal®, castings are available ‘as cast’, ‘rough machined’, or ‘finish machined’. Sizes produced range from 3″ to 31″ in diameter in length capabilities of 29″ to 276″.

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For over 50 years, Delta Centrifugal® has been a highly reputable manufacturer of centrifugal castings. Through the combined efforts of our foundry, machine shop, and QA program we continuously improve our product to satisfy our customers’ needs. We are proud to manufacture the best product the centrifugal market offers.


Centrifugal casting is a method used to produce metal products that are tubular, cylindrical, or annular in shape that require...

Heat Treatment

Precise heat treating is critical to the production of quality centrifugal castings. Our furnaces are certified...


Delta utilizes both abrasive wheel and computer-controlled waterjet technologies to meet our cutting requirements...


Delta’s in-house machine shop is equipped with over 40 machines allowing for single sourcing of finish machined parts...

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