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Commercial Marine Components


Commercial Marine

Delta Centrifugal® provides expertise for commercial marine centrifugal casting. We primarily supply products for tugs and workboat vessels, but provide adaptable, reputable, and expert services to manufacture a variety of components for commercial craft of all types. Learn more about our expertise below.

Centrifugal Casting For The Commercial Marine Industry

We provide marine centrifugal castings to develop for crucial parts and components for tugboats, work boats, dredges, and other types of powerful marine vessels that require unbeatable reliability and performance.

Centrifugal Marine Components

This includes bearings, bushings, shaft sleeves and liners, and a variety of other centrifugally-cast components. We provide a wide variety of materials as well, including:

We can cast more than 200 alloys, and our manufacturing experts can assist in the development of centrifugally-cast components for the marine industry.

Why Choose Delta Centrifugal®?

We are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 29001 standards in recognition of our advanced quality control systems and dedication to excellence in centrifugal castings.   While we serve clients in the US, we’ve also developed a reputation for excellence worldwide, and serve global companies with our manufacturing and machining capabilities.
Centrifugal Marine Components

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Whether you’re refurbishing an existing vessel, require components for a new build, or simply need a specialized bearing, bushing, shaft sleeve or liner, Delta Centrifugal® can help. To explore our marine casting services in further detail, simply contact us online.

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