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What is Centrifugal Casting?

Centrifugal casting is a method used to produce metal products that are tubular, cylindrical, or annular in shape that require high quality, purity, and structural uniformity. Molten metal is poured into a spinning mold which forces the molten metal to the mold wall. The process is precisely monitored and controlled to assure the correct volume of metal is poured at the calculated flow rate and temperature. As the metal is poured, it conforms to the inside diameter of the mold and solidifies as it cools. Once solidified, the casting can be heat-treated, cut, and machined to customer specifications. 
The centrifugal casting process inherently produces high quality tubes with uniform properties and higher mechanical strength than provided by other casting methods. Centrifugal force causes impurities and lighter oxides to migrate to the inside diameter of the casting which, upon solidification, are easily removed by CNC machining and processing.
Advantages of centrifugal casting over other casting methods include:
·      Better suited to produce hollow cylinders
·      Multiple parts can be made from a single casting
·      Stronger and higher quality with exceptional material purity
·      Less costly than forgings in most cases
Delta Centrifugal® produces castings with outside diameters from 3 inches to 31 inches and in lengths from 29 inches up to 276 inches. The same mold can be used to produce castings of varying wall thickness and cut lengths. Industries utilizing centrifugal castings include oil and gas, aerospace, marine, defense, and other equipment manufacturers. 

Mold Lining

Molds are uniformly preheated and lined with a refractory mold wash to insulate the mold from the molten metal.

Pouring the Casting

The metal is poured into the spinning mold at a monitored and controlled rate. The rotation of the mold is calculated to subject the casting to the g-forces appropriate for the required wall section. 


Mold Inventory

Delta maintains an inventory of over 350 molds giving us the capacity to produce centrifugal castings that meet a wide range of sizes.

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