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Rocket Engine Nozzle Solutions

Since our beginning in 1968, our centrifugal casted products have ensured superior performance and reliability under extreme conditions. We are ISO 9001 & PED 2014/68/EC certified. Our quality management and decades of experience make us the premier supplier of centrifugally cast rocket engine nozzles.

Excellence in Engineering and Materials

Rocket engine nozzles are designed to expand and accelerate rocket fuel to high supersonic velocities. These aerospace casting components face extreme conditions, with propellants pressurized up to several hundred atmospheres and temperatures high enough to demand the most durable materials. Our advanced centrifugal casting techniques ensure these nozzles can handle the pressures and temperatures of rocket propulsion, making them indispensable in aerospace technology.

Collaborate with the Experts

Delta Centrifugal® is not just a supplier; we are your partners in the foundry industry. We work closely with each client to exceed expectations, integrating seamlessly into your design and development phases to deliver solutions that propel your projects forward.

Industry-Leading Quality Assurance

Our commitment to excellence is backed by stringent quality assurance practices, meeting ISO 9001:2015 standards. We employ a rigorous testing protocol to ensure every nozzle we produce meets the highest performance criteria, providing our clients with reliability they can trust.

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