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What is Cutting?

As a full-service, foundry and machine shop, Delta Centrifugal® is equipped to cut any centrifugal castings within our current alloy casting capabilities ranging up to 36-inch diameter. To insure that the finished product is of the desired quality, we employ both abrasive wheel and water-jet technologies as required by the specifications and alloy which is being cut.

Preparation for Cutting

To assure each project’s accurate completion, castings are matched with their job routing traveler (blue document inside the tube). The document specifies the lengths needed as well as all subsequent steps of manufacture required to deliver the quality metal product our customers require.

Material is Cut to the Required Length

A highly productive abrasive wheel cutting technology is employed for most centrifugal casting cuts.

Material Transfer

Centrifugal castings which have been precisely cut into proper lengths are transferred to the next operation.

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