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Applications and Industries Relying on Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal casting, a process where molten metal is poured into a rotating mold, is a cornerstone in today’s advanced manufacturing landscape. Known for producing parts with exceptional structural integrity and specific material properties, this method of casting is vital in various applications.


Centrifugal casting is crucial in diverse sectors, reflecting its versatility and the importance of this technique in modern manufacturing.


Here is a small sampling of the sectors we service and some of the components we centrifugally cast.


  •  Bearings for landing gear
  • Rocket engine Nozzles


  • Specialized alloys
  • Turret Bearings
  • Submarine components
  • Shaft Sleeves

Oil & Gas

  • Accumulators
  • Ball Valve components
  • Gate valves
  • Flow Meters
  • Sludge screens

Commercial marine

  • Impellers
  • Propeller shaft liners

 Food & Pharmaceuticals

  • Die rolls
  • Bushings
  • Extrusion tubes

Power Generation

  • Wicket gate components
  • Gear Blanks
  • Nuclear Components

Mining / steel mill

  • Steel mill rolls
  • Accumulators
  • Heat-resistant kiln components


  • Paper mill equipment
  • High pressure sleeves for deep ocean seismography and photography
  • Extreme temperature telescope lense bodies
  • Semi-conductor


Here at Delta Centrifugal, a centrifugal casting company,  we pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of the parts we make. From the deep sea to deep space, Delta is there providing our customers with the highest quality components possible. 


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