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Aerospace Bushing Components

Aerospace Bearing and Bushing Components

Delta Centrifugal® is certified in manufacturing precision-engineered centrifugal casted bearing and bushing components critical for aerospace applications. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of components essential for the smooth operation of aircraft, from landing gear in jet engines to rotary assemblies in helicopters.

Superior Quality and Precision Our aerospace bearings include inner and outer races for standard ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, and spherical bearings. Our components are designed to ensure optimal performance under the extreme conditions aircraft continually endure. Each bearing is crafted using our advanced centrifugal casting process, which enhances the density and uniform structure of the metal. This process guarantees that each bearing possesses the durability required to withstand the rigors of aerospace operations.

Customized Bushings for Every Need In addition to bearings, Delta Centrifugal® specializes in producing bushings in hundreds of different shapes and sizes. Whether you need a simple cylindrical bushing or a complex custom shape, our centrifugal casting process ensures high density and uniformity, making our bushings ideal for critical aerospace components. Our bushings are known for their excellent wear resistance and ability to maintain structural integrity under high stress.

Flexible Production Options We understand that each aerospace project has unique requirements, which is why we offer turnkey solutions alongside options for rough machined and as-cast blanks. Our flexibility in production allows us to cater directly to your specific needs, ensuring you receive components that fit seamlessly into your aerospace assemblies. 

Contact Us Today if you are looking for high-quality bearings and bushings, look no further than Delta Centrifugal®. Contact us today to discuss how our aerospace centrifugal casting manufacturing solutions can enhance your aerospace components. Let us help you achieve the reliability and performance your project demands.

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